Board of Directors


Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tamaki Miyashita

Position Name Responsibilities
Director, V.P. & Executive Managing Officer Nobuhito Shintoku Division Manager of Corporate Administration Div.,Chief of Isehara Technical Center,in charge of corporate compliance and branch office (administration)
Director, V.P. & Managing Officer Yugo Ishishita In charge of Semiconductor Devices Business President of Advanced Device Company and Division Manager of Semiconductor Devices Technology & Operation Center
Director, V.P. & Managing Officer Ken Ebihara Division Manager of Corporate Management Div., General Manager of Financial & Accounting Dept., and Division Manager of Overseas Business Operation Div.
Director, V.P. & Managing Officer Tsutomu Matsuura Supervisor, Business Planning Office and in charge of Risk Management
Director, V.P. & Managing Officer Hideki Takahashi President of Chemical Solution Company, Executive General Manager of Sales Dept., and Executive General Manager of Business Strategy Dept.
Director Ichiro Takayama
External Director Tomohiro Murata
External Director Akira Minamikawa
External Director Shigenori Oyama
External Director
(Full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Fumiaki Yamamoto
External Director
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Keiji Okanan
External Director
(Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)
Junko Kato

Vice President & Managing Officer

Position Name Responsibilities
Vice President & Managing Officer Masahiro Shimazu President of Electronic Components Company and General Manager of Quality and Technical Control Dept.
Vice President & Managing Officer Naohito Otsuka General Manager of Nagoya Branch
Vice President & Managing Officer Satoshi Kondo Managing Director of Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd.,
General Manager of Greater China Dept., Overseas Business Operation Div.