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1953 Hakuto Co., Ltd. is established in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, with capital of 5 million yen, and begins import and sale of rough crystals from Brazil.
1958 Begins import and sale of electronic measuring instruments.
1961 Osaka Liaison Office (present Kansai Branch) is opened.
1963 Hakuto Chemical Co., Ltd. is established for production and domestic sale of industrial chemicals, and provision of related engineering services.
1970 Hakuto Chemical Co., Ltd. establishes Yokkaichi Factory and Yokkaichi Research Laboratory.
Nagoya Branch Office (present Nagoya Branch) is opened.
1973 Opens Hong Kong Branch and makes it a local company (present Hakuto Enterprises Ltd.).
1974 Shigma, Inc. Taiwan Branch (present Hakuto Taiwan Ltd.) is opened in Taipei.
1977 S&T Enterprises Ltd. Singapore Branch (present Hakuto Singapore Pte. Ltd.) is opened.
1980 Moves the head office to the present address (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
1989 S&T Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd. (present Hakuto (Thailand) Ltd.) is established in Bangkok.
1991 Conducts an absorption-type merger of Hakuto Chemical Co., Ltd.
1993 ST Hi-Tech Ltd. (present Hakuto Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.) is established in Bangkok.
1995 Hakuto’s shares are registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association for over-the-counter transactions.
Hakuto (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. (present Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd.) is established.
1999 Stocks are listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2000 Stocks are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2002 Hakuto California, Inc. (present Hakuto America Inc.) is established.
2003 Hakuto A&L Co., Ltd., a trustee company engaged in business and distribution activities, is established in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
2007 Acquires 100% of the shares of MICROTEK Inc.
2010 Korea Liaison Office (present Korea Branch) is opened in Seoul.
2016  Hakuto Czech s.r.o. is established in Prague, Czech Republic.
2017  Conducts an absorption-type merger of MICROTEK Inc.
Hakuto America Inc. Detroit Office is opened.
2018  Hakuto Singapore Pte. Ltd. makes Kuala Lumpur Office a local company as Hakuto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Hakuto Life Science Co., Ltd. is established in Yokkaichi-shi for development, sales etc. of cosmetic raw materials, OEM products and own brand products.