Tani Electronics Corporation / Japan


Tani Electronics Corp has 3 core business model with technology development , Semiconductor and STM process development. By Technology Development Project of the Tokyo head office is backed up from both hardware and software production sites of the Fukushima plant, it is a business style that aims to improve the competitiveness and the activation of the related business and semiconductor-related businesses SMT of the plant.

Product Lineup

Printing for Wafer Bumping

TD-4421 for Wafer bumping

Over 4 inch wafer available. Original squeegee has been mounted and provide 100μsize low cost bumping technology.

  • High though-put, High-performance with low cost owner ship
  • Original squeegee unit (patented)
  • Automated mask cleaning system can provide full-auto operation
  • Best fit for mass-production

Closed Squeegee Unit


  • Cartridge holder type 
  • Roil technology can provide smooth and keep best viscosity
  • Various of solder paste type, cartridge available
  • Stable refill and printing

Closed Squeegee Unit

Telephone contact: 81-3-3225-8073