Tani Electronics Corporation / Japan


Tani Electronics Corp. has 3 core business models with technology development, semiconductor and STM process development. By Technology Development Project of the Tokyo head office is backed up from both hardware and software production sites of the Fukushima plant, it is a business style that aims to improve the competitiveness and the activation of the related business and semiconductor-related businesses SMT of the plant. Tani Electronics Corp. releases advanced pressurization sintering system for Si and SiC power device. Demonstration is available.

Product Lineup

Sintering System for Power Device

R&D System: Model HTM-1000

  • Small and intelligent system. This is R&D System for device assemble and past.

Standard System: Model HTM-3000

  • Standard System. Head size, maximum temperature and pressuring are changeable.

High Volume Production System: Model HTM-HV

  • High Volume Production System. Over 300,000/mon manufacturing available.
Telephone contact: 81-6-6350-8913