PVA TePla AG / Germany


With experience and know-how, PVA TePla AG has for many years supported important manufacturing processes and technological developments, primarily in the semiconductor, hard metal, electrical/electronics, and optical industries, but also in the forward-looking fields of energy, photovoltaics, and environmental technology. A market leader in virtually all areas of technology, we are continuously evolving-because the future doesn’t stand still.

Product Lineup

Semiconductor Metrology Equipment

The SIRD (Scanning Infrared Depolarisation) tool is a non-contacting, non-destructive stress field imager for semiconductor wafers with inline capability. Rapid and precise stress field imaging is based on specially developed homodyne retarder techniques, patented by JenaWave. SIRD can be used as stand-alone tool for different wafer sizes, if manually loaded, or as a fully automated unit for 300mm wafer by adding a robot controlled handling attachment.

Telephone contact: 81-3-3225-8073