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SAMTEC, Inc. / U.S.A.

Samtec, Inc.
Samtec is a global original connector manufacturer founded in 1976.
SAMTEC is high customer satisfaction maker with high speed transmission, high density, abundant variations, active customization, small lot correspondence, comfortable material supply, stable product supply.
Also, SAMTEC manufacture cables in-house, and will propose them together with our own connectors. In addition, we offer a wide range of products as a high-speed transfer professional, including our lineup of coaxial cables and optical modules.

Product Lineup


Printed circuit board connectorsr

SAMTEC have a wide variety of products from high-speed transmission, narrow pitch and multi-pole to simple header connectors, with a wide variety of products and originality. We will propose products that match your design needs.

Cable solution

Cable solution

All of SAMTEC original cables are provided as ASSY products with SAMTEC own connectors. We offer a small diameter, stable high-speed transfer product group such as coaxial / twinax.

Smallest optical module

Optical module

The industry's smallest 0.42 inch optical module realizes high-speed transfer (14G ~). The cost advantage is realized by the connection method devised by the connector manufacturer. Also SAMTEC provide as specialists how to use optical modules.
Telephone contact: 81-3-3225-8906