Life Science Section

We produce the TAEKO cosmetics brand which uses our unique fermentation technology. We offer you various designs of surfactant-free cosmetics based on our original fermentation product.


TAEKO cosmetics brand

Taeko Nishiyama is the developer of cosmetics formulas. She experienced skin irritation when she applied other cosmetics in the past. She always tests and applies on herself any cosmetics that she develops. TAEKO is using our fermentation technology and takes advantage of the power of water and is gentle on the skin, without using irritating ingredients such as volatile oils and ultraviolet absorbers. Using our products leads to more vibrant and beautiful skin, improving your overall well-being.

Cosmetics (ODM)

We supply surfactant-free cosmetics using a new emulsification technology, the qualities found in soy milk. We offer a wide range of surfactant-free cosmetics such as sunscreens, foundations, lotions, creams, cleansers, etc.

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