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Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor Process Equipment

DSG Technologies Micro Wave Anneal System
IPG Photonics Corporation Turn-Key laser solutions
Automation including reel to reel, wafer loaders and motion control
Custom laser and Optical System
Contract Manufacturing and Job Shop services
Excimer Laser Refurbishment
Centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co.KG High temperature annealing furnace "Activator150"
Vacuum Soldering System "VLO series"
High-temperature oxidation furnace "Oxidator150"
Vertical system for mass production "vericoo200"
Tani Electronics Corporation Printing for Wafer Bumping

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Semiconductor Metrology Equipment

SENTECH Instruments GmbH Advanced Film Thickness Probe
Reflectometer for materials analysis
Laser ellipsometer for ultimate precision
Spectroscopic ellipsometer for largest spectral rangePhotovoltaics
Celadon Systems, Inc. High Temperatuer Probe Card
PVATePla [TWIN Model SC-4] (TWIN: Thermal Wave Inspection)
[SIRD A300] (SIRD: Scanning InflaRed Depolarization)

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Thermal Test Solution Equipment

inTEST Thermal Solutions Thermostream
Thermal Chamber
Thermal Platform
Process chiller

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Calibration Standard

Process Specialties Inc. Silicon Dioxide SiO2Thin Film Standard Wafer
Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Thin Film Standard Wafer

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Sintering System for Power Device

Tani Electronics Corporation R&D system: Model HTM-1000
Standard system: Model HTM-3000
High Volume Production System: Model HTM-HV

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