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Parade Technologies, Ltd. / U.S.A.

Parade Technologies, Ltd.

Parade Technologies, Ltd. is a leading supplier of mixed-signal ICs for high-speed interface standards used in computers, consumer electronics and display panels.
The fabless semiconductor company was founded in 2005 and publicly listed on Taipei Exchange (TPEx) in 2011. Parade’s portfolio of IC products serves the growing demand for HDMI™, DisplayPort™, SATA, and USB ICs.

Product Lineup

Timing Controller

Touchscreen Controller

High Speed Interface

  • USB Type-C Switch / Redriver / Retimer
  • Display Port Repeater / Demux / Mux
  • HDMI/DVI Level Shifter / HDMI Repeater / Retimer
  • DP to HDMI Converter
  • DP to LVDS Converter
  • USB3.1 10Gb/s Retimer / USB 3.0 5Gb/s Redriver
  • PCIe Gen3 Redrive
Telephone contact: 81-3-3355-7622