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SAINT-GOBAIN (Lumilog) / France


Spun off from the Center of Hetero-Epitaxie Research and Applications (CHREA) of France’s National Scientific Research Center’s (CNRS) in 2001, Luminog manufactures HVPE -grown free-standing bulk gallium nitride substrates as well as MOCVD-grown 2-inch gallium nitride template epiwafers on sapphire substrates. Lumilog became a subsidiary of Saint-gobain, the world leader in construction market, design. It is expected that Lumilog enhances capital strength and gets synergy effect of Saint-gobain’s outstanding technique of polishing sapphire.

Product Lineup


GaN free standing substrate 2inch/4inch

  • Threading dislocations uniformly distributed
  • Cost effective with unique HVPE growth
  • GaN finishing process improvement with new CMP process

GaN templates on Sapphire substrate 2inch/3inch

  • STNID(Non intentionally doped)、STN(Si doped)、STINS(Semi insulating)

Please refer to “GaN templates.pdf” for more information.

Telephone contact: 81-6-6350-8913