InPACT is the primary producer of Indium Phosphide (InP). The company sells the 2" diameter mainly for opto telecom and datacom chips; the 3" and 4" products are used for high speed ICs and PICs. InPACT keeps its technical edge on surface contamination and local flatness performance and grows the longest InP boules. The company is a 20 year old company with its 15000sq ft manufacturing site. In addition to InP substrate, InPACT offers InP epi foundary service in partnership with 3-5 lab of Alcatel-lucent. InPACT provides various kinds of epi wafers using both MOCVD and MBE reactors according to application.

Product Lineup

Component & Material

InP wafer

  • Long boules (200 wafers for 2",50 wafers for 3"or 4"boules)
  • Lowest contamination epi-ready surface (Si <2e11) Epiclean recipe
  • Best Flatness wafer (LTIR <0.5um)
  • High flat precision (OF angle accuracy <0.02°)

InP epitaxial wafer(Main application, Service)

  • 10G APD
  • Al Based DFBs
  • HBT Circuits
  • RSOAs
  • BH regrowth
  • E beam grating Service
  1. Telephone contact: 81-6-6350-8913