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centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co.KG / Germany

centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co.KG

We are part of the centrotherm photovoltaics group, a leading global technology and services provider for the manufacturing of solar cells and solar silicon.
We supply our technologies and process systems to major semiconductor manufacturers and leading international research and development organizations worldwide.

Product Lineup

High temperature annealing furnace "Activator150"

The centrotherm Activator 150 high temperature furnace line has been developed for post implantation annealing of Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices. The Activator 150 is available in various versions as R&D and serial production furnace and offers a high process flexibility. The unique design of the centrotherm metal-free heating allows process temperatures up to 1850 degC.

Vacuum Soldering System “VLO series”

Thanks to voidless and fluxless reflow soldering, our vacuum soldering systems offer ultra-clean solder joints for the following applications, among others: Power semiconductors, microelectronic hybrid modules, optoelectronic packaging, wafer level packaging, UHB-LED packaging, MEMS

High-temperature oxidation furnace “Oxidator150”

The Oxidator 150 is a high-temperature furnace, especially designed for the oxidation of silicon carbide (SiC) by centrotherm thermal solutions. Its capability to run high process temperatures of up to 1400°C and oxidation processes using O2, N2O, NO, NO2 or WetOx atmosphere makes for an excellent combination of flexibility and proven process quality. Equipped with metal-free heating and double vacuum, the Oxidator 150 is currently the safest ToxGas oxidation furnace on the market.

Vertical system for mass production “vericoo200”

Designed for high volume production with a maximum throughput rate and a high degree of flexibility, the verticoo 200 is suitable for all standard atmospheric and low pressure CVD processes. The single tube set-up with dual boat logistics is optimized for minimum handling time as well as low cost of ownership with low maintenance costs.

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