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Since 1977, Dexter Research has been the preferred provider of infrared thermopile detectors for science and industry. Today we offer the world's largest selection of thermopile-based solutions including high-quality, high-output Bismuth-Antimony thin film and silicon-based infrared-sensing thermopile detectors. We offer standard detectors in high volumes. We also customize detectors for specific needs. Integrated modules serve as complete sensing subsystems. Customers in scientific research, automotive, aerospace, home appliances, security systems, medical equipment, and more now rely on Dexter Research for the highest-performance detectors.

Product Lineup

IR Detectors

Thermopiles, passive infrared sensors, are widely used in science and industry. We provide the widest selection in the industry. Applications include non-contact temperature measurements such as tympanic thermometers, automobile climate control and occupancy sensing, process temperature monitoring, household appliances, and radiometers; gas analysis in medical, automotive, and petroleum industries; hazard control including flame and explosion detection; horizon sensors for scientific, space, and hobbyist applications.

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Monitor

We provide several integrated solutions to solve your infrared measurement challenges with our infrared non-contact temperature sensing module.

Thermopile Infrared Detector

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Monitor

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