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Notification; Mr.Takayama, Founder of Hakuto Co., Ltd., passed away.

It is with deep regret that we must inform you Mr. Shigeo Takayama, the Honorary Chairman and Founder of Hakuto Co., Ltd., passed away on July 25, 2010.
Thank you very much for your love and friendship extended to him during his lifetime.


1. Brief Personal History of Mr. Takayama

Name; Shigeo Takayama

Date of Birth; May 27, 1916 (Age; 94)

Business carrier;
November 1953; Established Hakuto Co. Ltd. and assumed President of the company.
June 2000; Assumed Chairman of the company.
June 2007; Assumed Director and Honorary Chairman of the company.

Official commendations received;
June 1987; Commended by the Prime Minister for promotion of foreign trades.
April 1991; Honored with Blue Ribbon Medal.
March 2000; Honored with Dark-blue Ribbon Medal

Official posts at other organizations
Japan Federation of Economic Organizations; Councilor
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shinjuku office; Vice-Chairman
Japan International Education Support Association; Director
SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Material Institute) ; Director and
Honorary Director
JEPIA (Japan Electronic Products Importers Association) ; Representative
Director, Chairman and Honorary Chairman.

2. Wake/Funeral

Conducted by the family members and close relatives
(Chief mourner; Ichiro Takayama, Eldest son)

3. Memorial Service (Owakarenokai)

Time and date; September 10, 2010 From Noon to 1 p. m.
Location; Hotel New Ohtani (Room; Tsurunoma)

*Obituary presents, flowers or any other offerings are cordially declined.

4. Contact

General Affairs Dept., Hakuto Co. Ltd.
Tel; 03-3225-8910