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Exhibition Information of INTERPHEX JAPAN

Place: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Dates: 6/30-7/2


Urtra-Fine Hydro-Granulator NANO-PED

IBS has realized an ultra-fine particle fabrication
apparatus applying our original ultra-high pressure technique. Continuous processing with minimum contamination, productivity is remarkably better than methods using media. Mono-crystal diamond realizes longer durability.
Requiring no check valve, this important feature enhances an efficiency and reduces the time required for the cleaning.


Surfactant-free cosmetics on new raw material and theory.
We propose some original equipment manufacturing of Surfactant-free cosmetics by new emulsicasion system (Bio-Globule EmulsionR) with AlcasealanR.

The van der Waals force of intermolecular attraction allows AlcasealanR to adhere to the surface of each of the widely dispersed oil droplets.
AlcasealanR in the Big-Globule Emulsion system will provide a stable emulsification condition. AlcasealanR does not change the surface tension of oil droplets. Bio-Globule EmulsionR is an emulsification system similar to cow's milk.