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Sales Launch of High-performance Non-volatile
Memory Devices Developed by Simtek

Hakuto signed a distributorship agreement for Japan with Simtek Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Simtek; headquartered in Colorado, USA; URL: http://www.simtek.com/) and started selling their nonvolatile memory devices.

■Product Features
・The unprecedented non-volatile memory technology developed by Simtek combines unlimited read/write cycles with nonvolatile memory access to enable instant data storage at power cut off.
・Simtek’s memory is nvSRAMtm with features of both volatile and nonvolatile memory integrated into one chip.
・The memory allows read/write access through external data pin just like the existing SRAMs.
・Capacity: 16K-1Mbit, 4Mbit (within this year), 8Mbit, 16Mbit (under development)
・Access time: 15-55 ns

■Major Applications
・RAID systems and servers
・MFP (Multi-function peripherals) and printers
・Telecom switch systems
・Medical instruments
・Industrial controllers and robotics

■Future Sales Activities
Considering the high global market share Simtek enjoys, with its memory devices embedded in approximately 70 percent of RAID subsystems worldwide, Hakuto will expand the sales of the devices to products related to the company’s existing sales channels, specifically around office automation products such as MFP (multifunctional peripherals, mainly printers) and FAX, as well as industrial equipment and telecommunications systems.

■About Simtek
Simtek (NASDAQ: SMTK) is a US manufacturer with a variety of memory-device related designing and development technologies. Simtek’s internally developed nvSRAM has high reliability and performance and is supplied to a broad range of global market segments. The company was established in 1987 jointly by Dr. Richard Petriz, the founder of two memory manufacturers, Immos and Mostek, and Dr. Gary Derbenwick, and continues releasing products capitalizing on a high level of technology with abundant knowledge and experience in the semiconductor businesses.

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