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Chemical Business Division Develops Application Technique of New Dendrimer Composed Only of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

The Yokkaichi Research Laboratory in the Chemical Business Div.of Hakuto developed aliphatic polyester dendrimer which is composed of the three elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Dendrimers, spherical molecules with radially branched multi-layered structure, have been widely applied to medicine and electronic materials. However, there is currently no commercialized dendrimer consisting solely of these three elements. As a first attempt for its application, Hakuto adopted a new dendrimer derivative for a newly-developed stereolithographic resin product. The company will seek for the full-scale development of the new dendrimer by further exploring its features and applications through joint research with our customers.

■Characteristics of the New Dendrimer
The production of dendrimers is usually time-consuming and costly since they are synthesized through a repetitious sequence of reaction steps, with each complete sequence creating a new generation of dendrimer. Last February, Hakuto’s Chemical Business Division established a technique to enable expeditious production of ester dendrimer through collaborative research with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and announced its results.

The newly developed product consists of four generations with the the molecular mass of 10715.3 and 64 end groups. Since the dendrimer has hydroxyl groups at its ends, it is easy to be chemically modified. By synthesizing various types of such chemically-modified dendrimer derivatives, Hakuto is seeking for the full-scale use of the product.

■Future Fields of Application
While various applications can be expected including photoactive resins and rheology improving additives, Hakuto adopted the new dendrimer derivative for resin used in two-photon absorption laser stereolithography. The resin can absorb two photons at a time to produce three-dimensional nanometric models with laser beams. Last year, the company registered the trademark ‘HAKUPHOTOMER’ and commercialized eight variations in four types. Among them, the dendrimer is adopted for low viscosity and high precision types, and its full-scale deployment is slated before the end of this year.


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