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Sales Launch of Thin Film Products Manufactured by JDSU for Advanced Technology Sector

Hakuto signed a distributorship agreement with JDS Uniphase Corporation (headquartered in California, USA; URL: http://www.jdsu.com; hereinafter referred to as JDSU) for custom optics products to extend its handling of JDSU merchandise. Since its first distributorship agreement for JDSU's optical communications products in the Japanese market signed in 2002, Hakuto has been selling JDSU's products as leading merchandise of its electronic components department in Japan. Targeting at advanced technology market segments such as FPD, solar and biotechnology sectors, Hakuto will develop sales of breakthrough thin film products of JDSU.

■Product Features
・Distinctive thin film products deposited using a proprietary-designed magnetron sputter system (UCP-1)
・Rate speed reduction to 1/6 of the existing IAD technology
・Precision unachievable in generic products
・Optical designs unique to each customer specification
・Stable production performance in the controlled Class 100 clean room

■Major Applications
・Products for Display: Wave plates, Phase plates, Hot/Cold mirrors, ITO-coated heater panels
・Aerospace: Solar cell cover glasses
・Bio/Medical: Fluorescence filters
・Optics: Bandpass filters, Beam splitters
Other product portfolio includes a new product line of AQWP (Achromatic Quarter Wave Plate), which collectively compensates wavefront aberrations of wavelengths used for DVD, Blue-ray and HD-DVD.

■About JDSU
JDSU, located in the United States, is the world's top manufacturer of optical communications devices and measuring instruments.
Since its acquisition of OCLI in 1999, JDSU has continuously provided highly reliable products as the leading thin film manufacturer, utilizing the thin film technology and a group of experienced experts OCLI has fostered over 50 years.
Adoption of JDSU's products in the high-tech industry is still growing rapidly.

Fore more information, please contact:

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contact person : Shiokawa, Takimoto
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