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New Solution for Cleaning Next-Generation Devices
-Sales Launch of Critical Cleaning System of Nano Green Technology Inc.-

Hakuto entered an exclusive distributorship agreement with Nano Green Technology Inc.(URL: http://www.nanogreentech.com) to jointly propose their new solution for the cleaning process of next-generation devices with sub-45nm nodes in the Japanese market.

Nano Green Technology Inc.(hereinafter NGT) is a US venture incorporated in late 2004 and has developed innovative patent-based products used in the cleaning process of semiconductor devices, photomasks, FPD/LCD, Disk Drive Media, etc.

A New Revolutionary Cleaning Process with Chemical-Free Clustered Ultrapure Water
While a variety of methods and equipment have been improved and enhanced in front-end and back-end semiconductor processing over the last 30 years, few major improvements have been made in the cleaning process, where the SC-1 and SC-2 steps of the RCA cleaning processes have remained the mainstream and unchanged.

NGT developed a totally new innovative cleaning process and commercialized the method by developing a functional-water supply system to supply ultrapure clustered water. The evaluation of the system has already been completed by a cutting-edge device manufacturer in Europe and the product delivery will start from January, 2007.

Key Technological Benefits Achieved are:
• Eliminate oxide etching and protect your devices and topography
• Achieve unmatched cleaning performance
• Improve surface roughening-and not damage the surface
• Create a paradigm shift in processes and technologies
• Reduce operation costs-drastically
• Eliminate expensive chemicals used in the traditional SC-1 and SC-2 cleaning processes
• Revolutionize all cleaning processes and remove nano particles-ionic, organic, or metallic
• Provide a green--and safe-environment-without any waste

The most significant difference between the cleaning process developed by NGT and the traditional SC-1 is that NGT's cleaning process uses no chemicals at all.

The most sever problem with the traditional SC-1 and SC-2 steps pointed out is that the chemical-based cleaning process is etching the surface, causing surface/device damage and contains a high possibility of disrupting micro-patterns as micro-fabrication of the next-generation devices with sub-45nm nodes advances.

The cleaning process using CCS1000 of NGT supplies the clustered ultrapure water to the cleaning device, where the clusters attract and encapsulate particles and improve the surface roughening of the oxide layer at the same time to completely remove such particles. Therefore, the system allows cleaning of micro-patterns of the next-generation devices free of damage or disruption, contributing largely to higher cleaning efficiency, productivity and higher yield of sub-45nm devices.


Sales Schedule
A technical seminar on NGT products for the manufacturers of semiconductor devices, photo masks and FPD is scheduled at the Hakuto headquarters on Tuesday, October 17, 2006.
The Critical Cleaning System CCS 1000 will be on display at SEMICON Japan in December, 2006.
The target sales for the next three years (2007-2009) are JPY 300 million, 500 million and 700 million, respectively.


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