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Chemical Business Div. Forms Technology Alliance with Chemtura

The chemical business division of Hakuto signed a licensing agreement and a product supply agreement with Chemtura Corporation, (URL: http://www.chemtura.com), on July26,2006,for a business related to polymerization inhibitor which is used in the styrene monomer (SM) purification process. The two companies will jointly develop the market.

■Background of the Agreements
Hakuto has long been producing and marketing antifoulants which are used mainly in the petroleum refining and ethylene production processes. A few years ago, the company initiated research and development efforts to enter into the area of polymerization inhibitors that are used in the SM and other monomer production processes. In the process of SM production, dinitro compounds including DNBP have been used to inhibit unwanted polymerization. Hakutol PC Series that Hakuto independently developed and started marketing three years ago exhibits an excellent anti-polymerization effect when used together with dinitro inhibitors.

Chemtura Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of specialty chemicals with the largest market share in the worldwide DNBP market. The company has highly appreciated the combination program of Hakuto for its cost-effectiveness as well as the feasibility of combining DNBP and other agents into a single agent product.

Chemtura has been looking for more favorable worldwide market development and Hakuto has been aiming to strengthen the domestic sales of its PC series, thus both companies agreed to cooperate in the area of anti-polymerization agents for SM. Under the contracts signed by the both parties, Hakuto will grant an exclusive patent license and production/sales rights of its combination technology and Chemtura will supply the PC series products including single-agent products.

■Specific Advantages Brought by Agent Combination
The Hakutol PC Series anti-polymerization agents that Hakuto independently developed, in combination with dinitro polymerization inhbitors, exhibits an excellent anti-polymerization effect by substantially reducing the amount of polymer production and dramatically cutting the use of dinitro polymerization inhibitors.

■Marketing Plan after Signing of Contract
Chemtura will promote the sales of DNBP+PC program through its offices worldwide. In Japan, its sales including single-agent products will be marketed jointly by Hakuto and Chemtura. The PC series will be marketed to SM manufacturers under the Hakuto brand in Japan and under the Chemtura brand in other parts of the world.

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