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Structured Materials Industries, Inc. / U.S.A

Structured Materials Industries,Inc.

Structured Materials Industries, Incorporated is focused on being the leader in selling custom research and production Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Technology for complex materials. SMI offers for sale: deposition systems and components.
SMI also provides specialized engineering services to Convert existing MOCVD equipment from one material system to another. SMI has a long history in manufacturing MOCVD tools and components and has now extended this capability to enable customers to economically adapt pre-existing MOCVD equipment from one material system to another. Examples are the conversion of excess III-V production MOCVD tools to meet oxide contact layer deposition needs, the conversion of excess nitride tool to pursue ZnO research and development, and conversion of excess III-V tools to II-VI materials.

Product Lineup

Compound Semiconductor Equipment

MOCVD system for Oxides (ZnO, Ga2O3 and others) ,Nitrides

  • High Speed Rotating system
  • Unique Showerhead
  • Outstanding Wafer Uniformity & Repeatability
Telephone contact: 81-6-6350-8913