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NU System is founded based on the research achievements obtained by Prof. Masaru Hori and Prof. Norihiko Nishizawa (Nagoya University) and Prof. Masafumi Ito (Meijo University). To be more precise, we commercialize and sell the laser and plasma light source and analyzing system based on findings regarding instant light technology of measuring and analyzing multielement which are in a gas or liquid or solid state.

Product Lineup

Radical Monitor

Understanding a reaction occurring at the surface is needed in advanced plasma processing. It’s inevitable to measure absolute density of atomic radical which is significant element for the etching, surface treatment, and deposition process with Plasma technology. It can feedback to the process and the world-first monitoring apparatus that can be used during plasma processing.

Ultra High Density Room-Temperature Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Apparatus

It’s a small size non-equilibrium atmospheric-pressure plasma apparatus that can generate plasma under atmosphere pressure. It uses AC100V power, and has a very easy-to-use handling. We fulfilled a very easy-to-use handling with using AC100V, and extremely high density, 1015 / cm³, however it’s imperceptible spot.

Wafer Temperature Monitoring System

It’s inevitable to control manufacturing process like etching and deposition process. It’s light monitoring system that can measure wafer temperature that is significant process parameter in non contact, high precision, and high speed.

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