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Silicon Motion, Inc. /Taiwan

Silicon Motion, Inc.

Silicon Motion is a global leader and pioneer in developing NAND flash controller ICs for solid-state storage devices, GPU device for embedded system and specialty RF ICs for mobile devices.

Product Lineup

Embedded Storage

Ferri Solution(SSD, eMMC)

  • NAND controllers (SSD/eMMC/SD/UFD etc.)
    Silicon Motion's controller devices are used variety of applications and customers.
    Silicon Motion's controllers support MLC, TLC and SLC NAND flash from all the major NAND suppliers.
  • FerriSSD®
    FerriSSD®, the fully integrated SATA/PATA Solid State Drive (SSD) in a single BGA package, is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications that behaves like a SATA/PATA hard drive featuring fast access time and enhanced endurance.
  • Ferri-eMMC®
    Silicon Motion's eMMC controllers provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for eMMC embedded storage applications. eMMC is especially suitable for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes and other consumer electronics.

Expandable Storage

Flash Controller

USB Flash Driver Controller

Embedded GPU

Silicon Motion offers embedded graphics to enable embedded and consumer applications such as high resolution handhelds, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment, multi-functional printers, gaming machines, industrial PCs, and servers.

SMI emb Storage
SMI expand Storage
Telephone contact: 81-3-3355-7643