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QD Laser,Inc.

QD Laser, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance semiconductor lasers and high quality quantum dot/quantum well wafers on GaAs platform for industrial and data communication applications. Through the core technologies of epitaxial growths of quantum dots/wells on GaAs substrates and precise grating fabrications, high-performance, high-quality laser chips and modules with wavelengths of 532, 660, 1064 and 1300 nm have been produced. The target application fields are expanding like data communication, material processing, biomedical equipment and sensing.

Product Lineup

532-594 nm Compact visible lasers

Flow cytometer, light source for biomedical equipment and sensing

1030-1180 nm DFB lasers

Material processing, gas sensing and LIDAR

640-940 nm High power FP lasers

Industrial applications
Machine vision, leveler, particle counting and sensing

1240-1300 nm Quantum dot lasers

Data communications, active optical cable,
light source for Si photonics and sensing

Epitaxial Wafer

Epitaxial wafers on GaAs substrate For laser diodes,
light emitting devices, photo detector and electrical devices

QDLProduct Portfolio More information

532-594 nm Compact visible lasers
1030-1180 nm DFB lasers
640-940 nm High power FP lasers
1240-1300 nm Quantum dot lasers
Epitaxial Wafers
Telephone contact: 81-3-3355-7605