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Sales Launch of System Interconnect products by Tundra Semiconductor.

Hakuto signed a distributorship agreement for Japan with Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; URL: www.tundra.com) and started selling their full range of System Interconnect products in Japanese market.

■About Tundra Semiconductor
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX: TUN) supplies the world's leading communications, computing and storage companies with System Interconnect products and design services backed by world-class customer service and technical support. Tundra's track record of product leadership includes over a decade of bridges and switches enabling key industry standards: RapidIO®, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express®, Power Architecture™ VME, HyperTransport™, Interlaken, and SPI4.2. Tundra's products deliver high functional quality and simplified board design and layout, with specific focus on system level signal integrity.

■Handling Products
Serial RapidIO switches
PCI Express Bridges
PCI/X Bridges
Host Bridges
VME Bridges
HyperTransport Bridges
Power Controllers

■Major Applications
WiMAX & Wireless Infrastructure Equipments
Video Infrastructures
Medical instruments
Industrial controllers and robotics
MFP (Multi-function peripherals) and printers
PC peripherals

Fore more information, please contact:

Forth Dept., Semiconductor Devices First Div.
contact person: Matsuda
phone: +81-3-3355-7602