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Hakuto’s donations for the Great Sichuan Earthquake, China

We, Hakuto Co., Ltd., have decided to donate \3,000,000 for the victims of Sichuan Earthquake, China and for the recovery from the devastating damage caused by the Earthquake. The donation is made through the Japan Red Cross.

Furthermore, our subsidiary companies ---Hakuto Enterprises Ltd., Hakuto Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd., and Hakuto Taiwan Ltd.,--- have decided to make a donation to the Red Cross, China by the applicable currency, each company donating the amount equivalent to \1,000,000. Total amount of donations is equivalent to \3,000,000.

Ever since Hakuto Group established its Hakuto Enterprises Ltd. in 1973, which was more than 30 years ago, we have been keeping very close relationships with China and other Asian nations where many Hakuto members have been working. We, therefore, most sincerely express our deepest sympathy to those who are now suffering from one of the most devastating earthquakes in the world history.